About Local Scene Photography

Many of us that live on the Mid North Coast of NSW have taken fantastic photographs of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. But how many of us print those pictures and hang them on our walls?

This website is my way of offering some pictures I’ve taken over the years as quality canvas prints you can use to accessorise your home with a local touch. I like to think of this as scene-scaping your walls.

These aren’t canvas prints of some unknown location you’ve never visited. As locals, you will recognise the photography on this website is of the places you know and love.

Ian Mackenzie

Bought my first camera a few years ago to photograph products for a website. I didn’t take too many product shots, but I discovered a new hobby that I love.

I’m not usually a details type, but photography has taught me to slow down and admire some of the detail in nature's beauty, which isn’t hard to find if you live on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Like all photographers, the light takes centre stage for me. I’m awestruck with how light falls over a landscape, or the beauty in the simple things, like texture in rocks, timber, shade and reflections.

I’m into technology and cameras have plenty of it, so I find this part of photography fascinating and challenging.