Black Rock Magic At Nambucca Heads

Black Rock Nambucca Heads is a favourite surfing spot for locals in the Nambucca Valley. As you can see on the map, it’s half way down Main Beach at Nambucca Heads. On calm days when there’s not much swell you could be excused for missing it all together, as it’s just a few scattered black rocks in the surf.

But don’t be fooled by it’s cloak of calmness. On the days when the surf is pumping, it roars to life and that’s why surfers love it.

I personally don’t surf but as this is a short story of behind the shot, let me tell you about my encounter with Black Rock.

I’m a local, so I know of Black Rock but haven’t had much reason as a non-surfer to take much notice of it. That was until I purchased a new telephoto lens that gave me a greater ability to stand off for some distance and still get the shot.

As Covid struck and Sydney was in lock-down, life went on as per normal in little old Nambucca for quite some time. I got my first ever professional assignment to shoot the V-Wall at night for a lighting company and with the proceeds I purchased a 300mm telephoto lens.

At that time, the talk around town was the huge swell on Main Beach, so I thought that was a good time to go and test this new lens and I have to say, I was very happy with the results.

Hang some black rock magic in your home or office

Ian Mackenzie

About the Author

Some days you may find me down the beach with tripod and camera, before the crack of dawn—on the warmer days 😊. On those days, in the blue and golden hours; the light can do magic things!

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